Billie Eilish - NOT MY RESPONSIBILITY (Piano Tutorial Synthesia)

17 Feb 2021

PayPal贊助 ►<br />Wechat: 發給我個小紅包表示感謝: happybunny2804<br />----------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­---------------------------<br />➤ Some copyrighted music is not on my channel, you can find more song and sheet on<br />If you like to purchase the midi file, please contact me.<br />➤Fanpage:<br />Thanks for watching !Hope you enjoy this video , support my video by subscribe, like and leave a comment or share for your friends, PEACE Guys !<br />----------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­---------------------------<br />Do you know me?<br />Really know me?<br />You have opinions<br />About my opinions<br />About my music<br />About my clothes<br />About my body<br />Some people hate what I wear<br />Some people praise it<br />Some people use it to shame others<br />Some people use it to shame me<br />But I feel you watching<br />Always<br />And nothing I do goes unseen<br />So while I feel your stares<br />Your disapproval<br />Or your sigh of relief<br />If I lived by them<br />I'd never be able to move<br />Would you like me to be smaller?<br />Weaker?<br />Softer?<br />Taller?<br />Would you like me to be quiet?<br />Do my shoulders provoke you?<br />Does my chest?<br />Am I my stomach?<br />My hips?<br />The body I was born with<br />Is it not what you wanted?<br />If I wear what is comfortable<br />I am not a woman<br />If I shed the layers<br />I'm a slut<br />Though you've never seen my body<br />You still judge it<br />And judge me for it<br />Why?<br />We make assumptions about people<br />Based on their size<br />We decide who they are<br />We decide what they're worth<br />If I wear more<br />If I wear less<br />Who will decide what that makes me?<br />What that means?<br />Is my value based only on your perception?<br />Or is your opinion of me?<br />Not my responsibility<br />#BillieEilish #NOTMYRESPONSIBILITY #HappyBunny

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